Embrace Your Inner Sorceress with this Rinoa Cosplay

Rinoa Heartilly is the main female character in Final Fantasy VIII. A young girl with dreams of setting Timber free from the domination of Galbadian Army, she enlists Balamb SeeD to help her achieve her goals. Squalls unit is the one sent to help her with her missions, and as they journey together they grow steadily closer. Along with the SeeDs and her faithful canine companion Angelo, Rinoa hunts down answers to what is happening with the Sorceress Edea, why Galbadia wants to take over the world, and who is causing them to fall into dreams of the past.


Akina Gasai does an amazing job with her Rinoa cosplay. All the details are perfect from the brown streaks in her black hair to the black boots on her feet. Wearing Rinoa’s iconic blue duster with black tank top, black shorts and denim skirt around her waist, she hits all the poses that Rinoa pops throughout the game. Not only does she recreate Rinoa’s outfit down to the small details, but she also creates a pair of large white feather wings, a symbol associated with Rinoa and what she gets towards the end of the game. Wielding a well crafted Shooting Star, she is ready to take down any enemy that crosses her path.


Photography by KeyDou