Enjoy a Bit of Poolside Relaxation with this Gorgeous Rei Ayanami Cosplay!


Rei Ayanami is arguably one of the most popularly cosplayed anime characters, which is a large feat considering the anime from which she originates, Neon Genesis Evangelion, only aired on TV from 1995-1996; however, various movie adaptations and love from the fans has kept the series standing strong throughout all of these years.


Rei is seen sporting various different ensembles throughout the course of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime TV series and movies, and you can find cosplayers creating their own Rei outfits that can vastly vary in style.  While Rei’s Plugsuit is the most commonly cosplayed outfit, sometimes the more simple ones can promote a reaction that is just as jaw-dropping.


DarkFelicia’s swimsuit variant Rei Ayanami is just that: simple yet astonishingly beautiful.  Rei’s signature short blue hair cut and bright red eyes keep her essence alive while placing us in a poolside setting that shows the sweet and sexy side of Rei.

View more of Felicia’s amazing cosplay work at her Facebook page!

Photography by WeNeal’s



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