Epic Big Boss Cosplay Leads the Diamond Dogs

Big Boss is just one of several aliases of John, a military veteran with a strong tactical mind. A special forces operative he helped found the Foxhound unit of the U.S. Army as well as the mercenary organizations Diamond Dogs and Militaires Sans Frontières. Obsessed with the Boss whom he worked under in the Cold War, he finally settled upon the name Big Boss.


Cosplayer Amie Lynn has created a stunning Big Boss costume that is so detailed it will blow your mind. Wearing khaki camouflage military attire, she is ready for any mission presented to her. On her left arm is the Diamond Dogs logo, meticulously crafted to show off the Rhodesian Ridgeback hound and a cut diamond. Also created with precision is Big Boss’s mechanical arm which had been implanted while he was in a nine year coma. A scar across her left eye, patch over the right, tan scarf, goggles and multiple pouches around her waist and leg finish off the amazing look. Wielding various weapons, Amie Lynn is not one to be messed with.

big-boss-cosplay-1 big-boss-cosplay-3

Photography by Jay Wimmer