Epic Borderlands 2 Maya Cosplay is a Cell-Shaded Beauty

The Borderlands series is one of my personal favorite video game franchises of all time.  Not only does the game feature epic, intense combat sequences, a plethora of guns to discover, and a vast wasteland to explore, but it also has hilarious, lovable characters that make the game that much more entertaining.  One of those characters is the Siren, Maya, who many cosplayers have taken quite a liking to.


It’s no wonder why cosplayers are so in love with Maya.  She has striking blue hair and bright blue tattoo markings, making her appearance quite appealing.  Cosplayer Atomic Cocktail perfectly captured the cell-shaded essence of Maya in her cosplay.  Her cosplay is surely a wonderful homage to the video game franchise that has become so beloved over the past few years, and we cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

Photography by maltexbaby and Makks Tobi