An Epic Borderlands Cosplay Group That Will Have You Hungry For More

This year, we have had some pretty freaking amazingly epic gaming moments that we will truly cherish years from now when somebody turns on music that sends us into 2013 nostalgia mode. However, of the numerous epic titles, Borderlands 2 has to be at the top of the list with all the epic DLC that they have come out with this year. Recently many of you may have purchased the new DLC, Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler. In a Hunger Games style tournament hosted by Mr. Torgue himself, gamers can now raise all kinds of hell as they play as their favorite vault hunter in one of the most intense games yet.


Thanks to this new epic DLC, we were inspired to find a group cosplay that represented some of our favorite characters from Pandora. Photographer Hidrico captured these amazing cosplayers who have crafted spot-on creations of each character. We love when cosplayers work together to bring characters to life, as it truly gives it the “awe” factor to see them all together. Everyone has their favorite characters; however, we have to admit that each cosplayer has done an amazing job at embodying each character. With ThelemaTherion as the sultry Mad Moxxi, Zihark-cosplay as Handsome Jack, ivettepuig as the badass Lynchwood Sheriff, DawnArts as Lilith, Cris as Tiny Tina, Erikku-kun as Zero, and Nebulaluben as Maya all working together—we have to take a second look to make sure that we are not about to enter Mr. Torgue’s insanely deadly tournament!



 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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