Epic Cosplay at Long Beach Comic Con 2014!

The perfect California weather and phenomenal location of Long Beach Comic Con helped make this weekend’s convention a total success. Larger than it’s been before, LBCC now in its 6th year is finally starting to grow into its shoes. As soon as the doors opened, nerdy-folk of all kinds filed into the packed convention hall with no shortage of amazing sites to see. Whether you were there to shop, cosplay, take photos, or just be with other people who love what you love, everyone was sure to find what they were looking for. The cosplayers at LBCC really brought their A-game and the Cosplay Contest was filled to the brim with amazing competitors who helped made for a thrilling contest. There were so many stand out characters to see, but don’t take my word for it, check out the gallery bellow!





Written and photographed by Guest Contributor Kota Lee