Epic Cosplay at Unplugged Expo 2014

The budding Toronto con Unplugged Expo truly proved to be a Weekend of Awesome this September. For an event only in its third year the attendance was impressive. The guest list featured talented voice actors such as Ron Rubin (Sailor Moon) and Johnny Yong Bosch (Power Rangers). Loaded with a gaming room, tons of awesome panels, many local vendors and artists, and most notably, a cosplay lounge fitted with every fix for cosplay malfunctions imaginable, Unplugged Expo is absolutely worth checking out.

For those who didn’t attend this year, here are some photos of the incredible cosplayers that strutted their stuff at Unplugged Expo 3. You will also see a picture of myself in my Link cosplay!  To see how to create Link’s shield yourself, click here! Hope to see you all at Unplugged Expo next year!




Written and photographed by Jade of Porcupine Design