This Street Fighter Poison Cosplay is an Alluring Vixen

It’s always a great day for a Street Fighter Poison cosplay. The popular Street Fighter vixen has been a staple in the cosplay community for many years now.  She is a great choice for cosplay if you want something simple, yet iconic.  And of course, cosplaying as Poison warrants a large amount of confidence, as her outfit features a cropped tank top, very short shorts, and usually a whip and handcuff for accessories.


Street Fighter Poison Cosplay by Morgana Cosplay

Street Fighter Poison Cosplay 1

Morgana Cosplay is one of our favorite cosplayers, and she once again slays in her incredible cosplay of Poison.  She effortlessly gives an aura of seduction and confidence, and perfectly captures Poison’s no-nonsense attitude.  To see more of Morgana Cosplay, be sure to check out her Facebook page!

Street Fighter Poison Cosplay 2



Photography by Jose Manchado