See Dorianne’s Epic Lady Hawke Cosplay


Welcome to our first ever ‘Epic Cosplay Submission of the Week’ feature, where we share one amazing cosplay that has been submitted to us via our Tumblr page. The first ever winner of their own submission feature deservedly goes to a cosplayer by the name of Dorianne and her incredibly crafted Lady Hawke cosplay from Dragon Age.


It is clear that Dorianne put an insane amount of work into her Lady Hawke cosplay, equipping it with armorings, fur, and leather that would make any Dragon Age fan in awe of. Her cosplay is so realistic, it seems as though Lady Hawke has truly emerged into the real world.


Dorianne has various other cosplays as well, including Yamu from Magi and Marceline from Adventure Time that can be found on her Facebook page. We definitely expect to see amazing things from Dorianne in the future.


Photography by ayashige