Epic Cosplay Submission of the Week: Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora!

This week’s ‘Epic Cosplay Submission of the Week’ has been chosen!  Upon looking through our submissions and seeing this cosplay of Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel comic series, we knew that it totally deserved a feature.

Gamora is not only awesomely green, but harnesses superhuman strength and the ability to quickly regenerate her health right when the enemy thinks that they have defeated her along with being highly agile.  On top of being a total badass, she has been known to be quite the sight for sore eyes.

Cosplayer SpidercamCosplay pulled all the stops in creating her Gamora cosplay.  To make her cosplay even more epic, she partnered up with photographer CamraKaze and photo manipulator Tascha Dearing Art to create a photo that places her in a scene that looks straight out of Guardians of the Galaxy.  We can’t give this cosplay enough praise.



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