Epic Cosplays of DC’s Two Love Birds: The Black Canary And Green Arrow

Whether it spending countless hours playing video games, or mastering the art of live action role-play, there is nothing greater than falling in love with someone who you can spend your days fighting crime with. The Black Canary and Green Arrow are proof of just how splendid it truly is to work together to eliminate evildoers by bringing justice to those who choose to harm others.

Meeting as friends in the Justice League, the two love birds, slowly realized their love for one another as they triumphantly took down their enemies together. Of course like most couples, they had their ups and downs, but we were always certain that their love would last through even the toughest challenges. After all, the couple that fights crime together stays together, right?!?


Teaming up with other cosplayers is certainly much more fun than flying solo. Cosplayers WhiteLemon, aka Jullian Morse, and Victor are a prime example of just how great it is when you work together—especially when it comes to getting your fans excited. When fans see characters from their favorite comics and shows together it is certainly more likely to cause them to have an epic fangasm.

Both cosplayers have done an extraordinary job at crafting their impressively accurate costumes, and photographer Jonathan Duran has brought our favorite two DC love birds together even more by capturing the two cosplayers in a light that makes them seem as if they are truly in love. The two martial arts masters are defiantly a force to be reckoned with in the DC Universe, as are these two incredible cosplayers in the cosplay community!



Photography by Jonathan Duran


 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi
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