The Most Epic Cosplays of Diablo III’s Heroes Ever!

The wait is finally over Diablo III and Blizzard fans! Even if you haven’t played the game before, chances are that Diablo III on console has peaked your interests. One of the most popular dungeon crawlers of all time, the Diablo franchise has gotten millions of PC gamers absolutely hooked, and now it is time for us console gamers to get a crack at the action. Whether choosing to test your archery skills as a Demon Hunter, or magical abilities as a Wizard; Summoning minions and casting curses with the Witch Doctor or exerting brute force as the Barbarian; Or choosing the more holy route as a Monk, one thing is for sure: massive amounts of loot are sure to come our way through our demon-destroying adventures! To showcase our excitement for today’s Diablo III release on PS3 and Xbox 360, we compiled our favorite cosplays of Diablo III’s epic heroes. Who will you choose?


The Wizard


While most of the magical community studying in Santuary choose the route of a Mage, the Wizard is an entirely different being, and to most, that’s not a good thing. Looked down upon for their lack of authority and carelessness, people find Wizards brash and cocky. But brash and cocky is a good thing when crawling through the dungeons of Diablo! Striking enemy demons from a distance, Wizards are able to get a leg-up on the competition without a scratch. With powerful protection spells and spells to create destruction upon a large area, the ability to alter time, and masters of fire and ice, you surely don’t want to mess with a Wizard. Lightning Cosplay created this amazing costume of Diablo III’s Wizard that is sure to impress. She definitely looks magical, and has every right to bare confidence!


The Monk


Having dedicated many tireless years on training their minds to carry the most pure resource of Spirit, their path to Monkhood was not an easy one, having to go through ritual after ritual testing their physical abilities and the lengths of their undying devotion. How is it possible to defend yourself against those that are protected by gods and wield holy powers? Although garnished in meer cloth armor, Monks don’t need heavy plating to shield themselves when they are watched over by ethereal beings. They don’t even need a weapon to create havoc on enemies, although they often choose to wield large staffs and daggers to add an extra dose of destruction. Zerina Cosplay is a spitting image of the female Monk with this amazing costume that she created. With a bright, heavenly background, she surely has the power of the gods on her side!


The Witch Doctor


Becoming a Witch Doctor is one of the most excelled professions in the Umbaru tribe. Encompassing both aspects of a battle-ridden past with a more holy side of having the ability to communicate and summon spirits, Witch Doctors are rare to come across. Yet, being a Witch Doctor is not an easy path, as with the ability to hear spirits and to sense emotions of large groups of people, they cannot shelter themselves from their crying, screaming, and woes. Constantly burdened by the pain of others, Witch Doctors protect the land to the best of their abilities. Using Mana, Witch Doctors can summon bats, zombies, and spiders to do their bidding. If they wish to inflict a slow and painful death on their enemies, they can cast curses and spells and watch the demons slowly burn to death. Surely this is not a good way to die- best stay away from a Witch Doctor! Cosplayer Monika created this tribal costume of the Witch Doctor, accurately depicting the Umbaru with every stitch!


The Barbarian


The Barbarians are some of the strongest beings in existence. Protecting the Sacred Mountain, Barbarians are able to do so effortlessly with their daunting exterior that no one would dare test. Unfortunately for them though, their home was destroyed, leaving them to wander aimlessly, attempting to find a place in a world outside of the Sacred Mountain. Equipped with the resource of Fury, Barbarians are able to perform ferocious melee attacks and upon taking a strike, exhibit only minimal health reduction. The most mighty, ferocious opponent, don’t be so bold as to take on a Barbarian if you are a mere weakling! Cosplayer April Villafuerte, on the other hand, is probably the most stunning Barbarian you will ever come across. Yet, her armor and large axe show that she will not go down without a fight!


The Demon Hunter


Last but surely not least, the Demon Hunter: those with the extremely trouble past- no homes, no families, all taken from them by the demons.  Uniting together, the Demon Hunters made their sole purpose in life to exact revenge on the demons who destroyed their lives and everything good in it.  Masters of Hatred and Discipline, Demon Hunters will skewer you to death with their ranged crossbrows and snap off your limbs with a variety of traps.  With extreme anger towards demons, their fury alone could defeat them, and with such anger, there is no way they stand a chance.  Cosplayer Poodoki created this amazingly intricate cosplay of Diablo III’s Demon Hunter in superb fashion.  With a fiery past of destruction, Poodoki’s Demon Hunter is ready to venture forth and in turn, destroy those monstrous demons!


With such awesome heroes to play as, it is no wonder that fans everywhere have created such detailed cosplays.  With Diablo III’s console release today, we are excited to embody these heroes ourselves, in a more virtual form.  Hope you enjoyed our list of some our favorite Diablo III cosplays.  Now, go out and buy a copy of Blizzard’s masterpiece, and happy dungeon crawling!


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