Most Epic Cosplays of the Week: Chell Portals Her Way to Victory

Another week has past and that means another week to showcase all of the epic cosplays that you guys packed with Notes on our Tumblr page this week.  It has surely been a crazy week with all of the commotion of Christmas as we put out tons of holiday-themed cosplays for you guys to enjoy.  Now it is back to bringing you guys all that is epic in the world of cosplay, and with that comes some amazing cosplays from the world of comics, movies, video games, and TV.  Check out this week’s best of the best cosplays!


5. Fionna, Adventure Time

Photography by Jwai Design

Cartoon Network’s animated series, Adventure Time, has been rapidly soaring in popularity since its release.  Filled with cooky characters and a land of adventure, it is no wonder that characters in Adventure Time such and Finn, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and Fionna, are being widely cosplayed across the country.  Cosplayer Larina-Satome created this adorable costume of Finn’s female counterpart, Fionna, and it is absolutely perfection!


4. Vanellope, Wreck-It Ralph

Photography by Kawaielli

Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope is the adorable girl who was part of the Sugar Rush arcade game, desperately wanting a chance to become a racer herself, but facing the unfortunate reality of being merely a glitch in the game.  Yet Vanellope’s true identity has been forgotten, until her and Ralph force her way into the Sugar Rush races and uncover some dirty secrets about King Candy!  Cosplayer tenori-tiger created this lovely cosplay of Vanellope.  With Vanellope’s signature candy-filled hair, tenori looks ridiculously adorable.


3. Wonder Woman, Injustice: Gods Among Us

Photography by Anna Fischer

Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most prominent female superheroes ever.  With a strong, confident attitude, always wanting to seek justice, Wonder Woman has proved time and time again that you don’t want to go up against her.  Many fans of fighting games or DC Comics in general have tirelessly put countless hours into playing the DC Comics superhero-based fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us, perfecting their favorite hero or villain.  It is without a doubt that cosplayer Miracole Burns perfect this cosplay of Injustice’s Wonder Woman, with strong battle armor and a fierce gaze, ready for action.  Amazing!


2. Black Cat, Marvel Universe

Photography by Carlos Adama

Who wouldn’t want to cosplay as Black Cat?  Once an infamous burglar, Felicia Hardy has many useful skills such as lockpicking and can easily crack open safes.  Yet, in her new way of life, she is a detective, aiding heroes such as Spider-Man to take down criminals.  As Black Cat was once a love interest of Spider-Man’s as well, it seemed fitting that cosplayer BadLuckKitty decided to drape Spider-Man’s costume across her for this photo.  Equipping Black Cat’s skintight black attire, BadLuckKitty looks incredible as Marvel’s fierce feline!


1. Chell, Portal 2

Photography by Calendario Cosplay

Confined to the Aperature Science labs with only a portal gun to aid her in getting her from room to room, Portal 2’s Chell took us through one of the best and most unique puzzle games of recent years.  While not much is known about this character, we do know that she never gives up, even with faced with the most daunting challenges.  The always-talented Angela Bermudez created this absolutely spot-on cosplay of Chell that is highly deserving of this week’s first place.  Her attention to detail in this costume is incredible and she is even carrying a portal gun replica!  Angela’s Chell is truly epic and might just be the best Chell cosplay to hit the scene.