Most Epic Cosplays of the Week: A Great Week for Homestuck

Another week has gone by and it is time for our second edition in our weekly showcasing of all of the amazing cosplays that have gotten the most Notes on our Tumblr page this week!  With everyone getting excited for Christmas time, we have seen a flourish of festive cosplays hit the scene, along with some of our favorites from video games and 90s Disney movies.  It surely has been a great week for cosplay and all of the contenders were extremely close in number.  Here are this week’s most epic cosplays, chosen by you guys!


5. Kat, DmC


In the Devil May Cry reboot, Kat served as Dante’s faithful aid, guiding him through Limbo in the name of The Order, willing to anything to help them fulfill their goals.  Always sweet and generous, Kat proved to be quite a lovable character, and because of that, has provoked numerous cosplays!  This cosplay of Kat created by CosplayInABox is spot-on to Kat, with a slightly weathered look, can of spraypaint, and bright green eyes.  Definitely worthy of a place on our list!


4. Kanaya Maryam, Homestuck


Part of the Homestuck web comic series, Kanaya is known for her curved left horn and for her jade green Trollian font color.  Kanaya sports the pale grey skin color traditional of Homestuck characters, and cosplayer komizuka perfected this coloring perfectly.  With beautiful makeup, pointed ears, and bright yellow eyes, komizuka’s homage to Homestuck is absolutely amazing!


3. Jinx, League Of Legends


Jinx is a young woman from the League of Legends who loves a bomb-filled, destruction-ridden world of chaos.  Her attitude emits happiness and excitement when she is shooting her signature rocket launcher, and although she is the newest Champion, she has become quite an icon for cosplay.  Kinpatsu-Cosplay decided to take a shot at cosplaying Jinx herself, but in this photo she took an added spin to the daredevil girl, creating a festive, holiday version, with an added Santa hat and Christmas lights.  With bright blue, braided pigtails and pink eyes, Kinpatsu’s cosplay of Jinx is excellently crafted and adds a unique hint of Christmas spirit.


2. Megara, Hercules

hercules-megara-cosplayHercules’ lead female protagonist, Megara, certainly had it rough.  Offering her soul to Hades after her boyfriend had died in hopes of bringing him back to life, Megara was forced to devout the rest of her life to Hades, and it was all for nothing, as the man that she was so in love with used his regained life to court another woman.  It was not until she met Hercules until she found true companionship and together they fought against the wrath of Hades.  Cosplayer KoriStarfire took Megara’s flowly purple dress and large curly updo to create a cosplay of Megara that is absolutely beautiful.  Kori’s attention to details and hard work have definitely paid off as she has ranked #2 on our list this week!


1. Aradia Megido, Homestuck

homestuck-aradia-cosplay-1Ranking number one on our Most Epic Cosplays of the Week list is this amazing cosplay of Homestuck’s Aradia by Mochifin.  Mochifin took the signature horns, pale grey skin tone, bright yellow eyes, and red makeup that Aradia sports and created a beautiful human version that is ready to celebrate Christmas with a brightly decorated tree in the background.  This cosplay not only commemorates the web series that many of us have obsessed over, but puts us in the holiday spirit.  Because of this, it is no wonder that you guys gave this photo tons of Notes, making it this week’s most epic cosplay!