Most Epic Cosplays of the Week: Ruby Takes the Win!

Welcome to the first edition of our “Most Epic Cosplays of the Week” feature! In this feature, we will be taking the best of the best cosplays of the week, and they are chosen by you guys! Composed of the top 5 cosplays on our Tumblr page with the most notes this week, this feature will be dedicated to glorifying the epic cosplayers who put time and dedication into their work and are surely deserving of some praise.  Without further ado, this week’s most epic cosplays!

5) Ursula, The Little Mermaid


Every Disney fan knows of Ursula, the villainess of The Little Mermaid, yet rarely does she ever look so beautiful as she does when portrayed by Budgielove Cosplay.  With an expertly styled wig that makes you wonder how she got it to stand up in such a way, flowy skirt reminiscent of an anemone, perfect for the sea, and a fish-filled backdrop that places her right in the ocean, Budgielove expertly nailed this cosplay of Ursula, and it is no wonder why our Tumblr fans loved it!

Photo by Elysia.


4) Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII


Vanille is the lovable young lady first introduced to us in Final Fantasy XIII.  Carefree and with an upbeat attitude, no one would have ever suspected that Vanille was hiding a dark secret from her friends, one that she surely regrets.  Vanille is absolutely adorable, and similarly so is Priestess-Shizuka in this lovely cosplay.  Rocking Vanille’s signature bead-filled outfit, unique peach toned hair, and a simply sweet look of innocence, Priestess-Shizuka’s adaptation of Vanille is truly spot-on and worthy of a place on this week’s list.

Photo by MousyM.


3) Lady Sif, Thor

lady-sif-cosplay-1Immensely in love with Thor, Lady Sif is a faithful companion in battle– both beautiful and ready to kick some serious ass.  Sif has been getting a lot of attention in the cosplay community lately as with the release of Thor: The Dark World, Sif was portrayed by the lovely actress, Jaimie Alexander.  Avid cosplayer LuceCosplay looks absolutely stunning as well in her costume that she created of Lady Sif.  Clad in red and weapon ready, Luce looks suited for battle alongside Thor, just as the original Lady Sif would have been.

Photo by Shashin Kaihi.


2) Violet,  The Incredibles

violet-cosplayWith the recent release of Disney’s newest film, Frozen, fans are going Disney crazy over the newest characters.  Yet no one could ever forget teen angst-filled superhero, Violet Incredible.  Harnessing the skill of invisibility along with energy-bending powers, Violet has proven that although she may be young, she is still a fierce opponent to be reckoned with.  Cosplayer Vera Chimera has perfected her cosplay of Violet, with a form-fitted bodysuit that is an exact replica of the signature Incredible family get-up.  This may be one of the best Violet cosplays to hit the scene!

Photo by Beethy.


1) Ruby, RWBY

ruby-cosplayRWBY is a semi-new anime web series that has created quite a name for itself.  Many have taken on the task of cosplaying the series’ main character, Ruby, a weapon-obsessed young lady who is highly intelligent and is forever wielding her biggest pride, her High Caliber Sniper Scythe that she created herself, named Crescent Rose.  This photo of cosplayer Emi-zone is stunning! With ruby red and black attire and hood up, Emi-zone looks ready to fight a pack of Beowolves, just as Ruby herself did.  Her dedication to her costume and epic personification of Ruby has landed her the number one spot in this week’s Most Epic Cosplays, and is definitely well deserved!

Photo by faramon.


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