Most Epic Cosplays of the Week: Talia al Ghul Takes Her Victory

As another Friday has come, we bring you another installment of our Most Epic Cosplays of the Week feature.  These featured photos are chosen by you guys, the fans of cosplay, who have favorited and reblogged the photos that we have been putting out every day on our Tumblr page.  The top five with the most notes receive a spot in our weekly feature.  There were numerous photos that you guys went crazy over this week, but there were five that stood out from the competition, and your favorite DC Comics characters completely stole the show.  Here are the Most Epic Cosplays of the Week!


5. Tauriel, The Hobbit:


The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series have produced many characters that we have grown to love.  Introduced to us in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Tauriel, played by Evangeline Lilly, is a beautiful, yet extremely strong and deadly with a bow and arrow, Wood Elf from Mirkwood.  Her signature green gown and orange braided-back hair make her easily recognizable, and cosplayer Fiora-Solo-Top emulated her perfectly!


4. Elsa, Frozen


This is the third Most Epic Cosplays of the Week feature that has included a cosplay of Frozen’s beautiful snow queen, Elsa.  This movie is such a fan favorite, and people just can’t get enough of the epic cosplays that are being created in tribute.  Elsa was forced to be shut out from the rest of world as she harnessed incredible, yet dangerous, powers– having winter at her fingertips.  Finally wanting to be free and no longer in hiding, Elsa accidentally set off an eternal winter in her hometown, and it was up to her younger sister, Anna, to make things right.  Cosplayer Adelhaid did an incredible job re-creating Elsa to perfection.  She looks absolutely beautiful and it is no wonder that she made it on this week’s list.


3. Harley Quinn, DC Comics


Harley Quinn is probably the most cosplayed character in the cosplay community, and it is no wonder why!  Her zainy, adorable, no-nonsense attitude makes her an ideal character to bring to life.  Although she is a villain, she is still extremely loved for her quirky and bubbly personality that makes us all elated when we see her in video games, in comics, or on TV.  Cosplayer RyuuLavitz created an incredibly sexy Harley Quinn cosplay.  With Harley’s signature white face makeup, black mask, black lips, and blonde pigtails, Ryuu’s Harley is stunning.


2. Wonder Woman, DC Comics


Another DC Comics babe made her way onto our Most Epic Cosplays of the Week roster, and it is none other than the beautifully powerful, Wonder Woman.  This Amazonian queen is one of the most well-known comic book characters of all time.  She has been able to fly her way out of the comic book pages and be a part of video games, movies, and TV shows, making her an iconic character that promotes justice and respect.  Cosplayer GinaB created a gorgeous cosplay of Wonder Woman and suits her superbly.  The added leather jacket adds a more badass, yet sexy, quality to her that we have yet to see. This cosplay is stunning and GinaB has surely earned her spot on this week’s list.


1. Talia al Ghul, DC Comics


And without further adieu, your number one choice for this week’s Most Epic Cosplay, being yet another beautiful DC Comics character: Talia Al’Ghul.  Talia al Ghul originates from the Batman series, and she has been known to have quite a tumultuous relationship with him.  Forever confused between love and hate, her and Bruce Wayne are both partners and enemies.  The daughter of villain Ra’s al Ghul, Talia has ferocity in her veins.  The world of cosplay loves their comic book characters, but Talia is one that isn’t cosplayed so often.  Yet, we wonder why, as this cosplay created by Iris Afasia is so powerfully beautiful! With large weaponry at hand, Talia is ready to battle anyone that crosses her path, and will still look amazing while doing it.  This cosplay has earned you guys’ top pick as this week’s Most Epic Cosplay, and we can’t give it enough praise.


Staff Pick: Princess Peach, Mario

princess-peach-cosplayVera Baby looks insanely beautiful as Princess Peach.  Her toadstool palm tattoo is the added touch to this epic picture, and we are waiting in anticipation for her to release more from this photoshoot sometime in June.


Check back next Friday as we will be featuring five more epic cosplays of your choice! Be sure to follow our Tumblr page to put in your vote for next week’s Most Epic Cosplays of the Week list, and submit your own cosplay photos for a chance to be featured!

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