Epic Everday Cosplay: Get All Jazzed Up Like Contrast’s Dawn and Didi

Hey cool cats let’s get whisked away to the roaring 1920’s with Contrast’s Didi and Dawn to a world where shadows are more than they seem. Didi is a young girl with an independent and clever spirit whose mother works as a cabaret singer while her father has left the family to make it big. This leaves Didi quite lonely until she befriends Dawn, a mysterious woman with the ability to move between the light and shadow. Dawn helps Didi navigate the complicated adult world which is rich in catchy jazz tunes and a 1920’s aesthetic. Dawn’s style is reminiscent of a cabaret show; high-waisted shorts, striped tights and corset tops paired with a chiffon scarf and long gloves that scream cabaret star. In contrast, Didi’s look pairs a striped skirt, cotton blouse and red cardigan paired with some girlish socks and Mary-Jane shoes that have an innocent and charming feel.