Epic Everyday Cosplay: Become a Sexy Venom Vixen

Nothing is sexier than black lace. Well maybe black lace shaped to resemble a spider-web. Show off your love for everyone’s favorite symbiote with a little black dress that is simply to die for. Eddie Brock is sure to be delighted when he sees you wearing it! Want to express your love even after you slip out of your evening wear? Well now you can in the form of a black lace spider-web bra and panties by Youheshe.com. This everyday cosplay would not be complete without accessories. Add in dangle spider earrings, black stillettos, and a ringed webbed clutch to tie the entire look together.  Pair this look with some epic Venom-styled facepaint and you are set for a very sexy yet accurate Venom closet cosplay.  Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy are definitely going to have to be worried about Peter Parker when you show up wearing this outfit.

Venom Classy Everyday Cosplay