Epic Everyday Cosplay: Creating Chucky’s Frightening Child’s Play Look

Hello again horror fans, here is another terrific tribute to the Halloween season, Chucky from Child’s Play. Child’s Play is another horror classic with a huge cult following and a very iconic antagonist that strikes fear into the hearts of many who are squeamish around dolls. Chucky is a murderous Good Guy doll possessed by the spirit of a gruesome serial killer. Charles Lee Ray, also known as the “Lakeshore Strangler”, manages to transfer his spirit to the doll before he dies using a Voodoo spell but longs to be back in a human body. He begins a murderous rampage in order to avenge his death and find a new body to possess. This outfit is based on Chucky’s familiar overalls and striped shirt but we have added some updated pieces such as trendy wedge sneakers, a necklace based on his signature weapon and blood-drip socks for a macabre touch.



  1. Topshop Moto “Tommy” Vintage Overalls

  2. Eastex Multi Strip Jumper

  3. Dolce Giavonna Black-plated Stainless Steel Army Knife Necklace

  4. Topshop Blood Drip Ankle Socks

  5. Rock & Republic Wedge Sneakers