Epic Everyday Cosplay: Fionna from Adventure Time!


Adventure Time went mathematical when the Ice King decided to write his own fan-fiction, creating gender-bent look-a-likes, such as Fionna the Human, Cake the Cat, Prince Gumball, and more. I loved seeing Adventure Time take a twist on characters we already loved, especially as a cosplayer, because I love to make my own twists on costumes I create. Fionna is a spunky, kick-ass lady who loves to go on crazy adventures with Cake. If you’re an Adventure Time fan and want to portray your own kick-ass lady powers, this is the perfect everyday cosplay for you! This outfit works for any occasion and is super comfy!

Fionna Adventure Time

Short skirt

Red socks

H M ballet flat
$13 – hm.com

BAGGU drawstring bag
$61 – heals.co.uk

Written by Guest Contributor: Nicole Salera