Epic Everyday Cosplay: Learn the Dark Arts of Fashion from Bellatrix Lestrange

As the Dark Lord’s most loyal follower, Bellatrix is not a witch to be trifled with; her cold, sadistic and impulsive nature is absolutely lethal just like her killer style. Like most Death Eaters, Bellatrix graduated from the house of Slytherin and is obsessed with cleansing the world of those who aren’t of pure-blood. She is an escapee from Azkaban Prison, having committed unspeakable acts and utilizing the Unforgivable Curses. Bellatrix’s clothing has gothic elements that reflect her dark nature and are always in her signature shade. We have paired a lace top, long maxi skirt and lace up boots with a corset belt to create a look worthy of a Death Eater. The accessories also reflect her alliances, the skull and snake ring is the symbol of Voldemort’s followers while her bird skill necklace is her signature piece of jewellery. Lastly, we have included an eyeshadow duo to create a perfect smoky eye look and a curling wand to perfect her curled tresses.