Epic Everyday Cosplay: Let’s Get Trapped in Marceline’s Closet!

Today’s inspiration is none other than the Vampire Queen herself, Miss Marceline Abadeer. Marceline is a rocker Vampire-Demon hybrid from the Land of Ooo who plays a wicked axe bass guitar, levitates, and survives on drinking shades of red. She becomes one of Finn and Jake’s closest friends despite the fact that she takes over their Tree Fort when they first meet. Marceline is over 1000 years old but is young at heart (she’s quite a practical joker). Her style is fairly casual and has punk and grunge elements that reflect her emotional rock star attitude. Because Marceline is part Vampire, she needs to cover up in the sun and has been seen dawning a chic floppy hat with long gloves to ward off a bad sunburn. She has also been known to sport the Nightosphere Amulet, given to her by her father, Hunson, the demon ruler of the Nightosphere. If you are feeling fashionably undead, try darker tones, casual basics and edgier accessories to get Marceline’s look.


  1. Ella Floppy Felt Hat
  2. Dents Long Satin Gloves
  3. French Connection Spring Silk Vest Top
  4. Debenhams Blue High Waist Jeans
  5. ModCloth Something To Talk About Boots


  1. H&M Ribbed Top
  2. TOPSHOP Moto Indigo Acid Supersoft Leigh Jeans
  3. Urban Posh Ruby Fuchsia Quartz Septagon Pendant Necklace
  4. Liz Claiborne Renea Leather Boots


  1. Aeropostale Long Sleeve Plaid Woven Shirt
  2. Women Heat Tech Sleeveless Top
  3. H&M Straight Regular Jeans
  4. Zephyr Vampire Stud Snapback Cap
  5. Fuego Fang Ring
  6. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Ox


Created by Guest Contributor: Heartlockett
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