Epic Everyday Cosplay: One, Two Freddy’s Fashion for You

In honor of Halloween and one of the most beloved horror cult-classics, here is an everyday look inspired by the chilling Freddy Krueger. Freddy is easily one of the most infamous horror icons known best for his burned, disfigured face, frightening metal clawed glove and his ability to enter his victim’s dreams. He is a vengeful spirit who wants to avenge his own untimely death and plays on his victim’s subconscious fears by coming after them in their nightmares where they can’t escape him. Freddy’s villainous antics and comedic taunting have made A Nightmare on Elm Street one of the most terrifyingly successful horror franchises of all time. To master Freddy’s style, we have a couple looks for you ladies and gents that are based on his iconic red striped sweater, fedora and gloves with an added trench coat so that you can stalk your victims in style.




  1. Ricki’s Ponte Shift Dress
  2. ModCloth Classic and Chic Trench
  3. Nine West Lory Boots
  4. Urban Outfitters Carmen Fedora Hat
  5. Ralph Lauren Fingerless Gloves
  6. Urban Outfitters Distressed Tight


  1. MARC by Marc Jacobs Striped Knit Sweater
  2. Voi Jeans Vadar Coated Jeans
  3. Burlington Belted Trench
  4. Steve Madden “Troopah 2” Boots
  5. Quicksilver Soho Fedora Hat
  6. Nordstrom Leather Driving Gloves