Epic Everyday Cosplay: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Vanellope’s Confectionary Look

Vanellope is an adorable little racer from the game Sugar Crush who has a tom-boy attitude and is filled with sass. She lives alone in the Diet Cola Mountain and is tormented by the other game-dwellers for being a Glitch. The truth is that Vanellope is actually the game’s star and princess but her code was damaged by the evil King Candy and she now remains in the game as a glitch. In order to prove she is a real racer, she teams up with Wreck-It Ralph in hopes to make a kart to compete with. Once she is able to control her glitching, it proves to be a powerful teleporting tool giving her the power to beat the other racers and repair her code, revealing her true nature!

Vanellope’s style is youthful and adorably casual. We’ve paired a teal sweatshirt, brown skater skirt and comfy striped tights to get her signature outfit and have added lots of sugary sweet accessories to complete the look.




  1. Ragwear YODA Hoodie
  2. Sheinside Dark Brown Drawstring Waist Zipper Pleated Skirt
  3. Swell Pact Fair Isle Tights
  4. HeartSoul Duana Combat Ankle Boots
  5. ShopJean Lolly Necklace
  6. ModCloth Through the Wire Headband
  7. HeyViv Cherry Bombshell Earrings
  8. LokiMonster M&M Candy Hair Pins
  9. N2 Strawberry Icecream Bracelet
  10. Betsey Johnson Paris Cupcake Stretch Ring