Epic Everyday Cosplay: Sink Your Teeth into Katherine Pierce’s Seductive Style

Katherine Pierce is a seductively dangerous vampire with a tendency to break hearts. She is impulsive, sadistic and manipulative and always looking out for number one: herself. Although Katherine is absolutely lethal to anyone who gets in her way, she seems to have a soft spot for the Salvatore brothers, especially Stefan. Originally known as Katerina Petrova, the Bulgarian beauty was born in the 15th century and soon found out that she was the Petrova Doppelganger who was needed by Klaus to break an ancient werewolf curse. In order to escape being sacrificed she became an immortal and spent the next 500 years running from certain death. Katherine’s style is all about sex appeal, she goes for come-hither outfits that make it easy to attract her victims. As a socialite in the 1860’s, when she met the Salvatores, her style was lavish and posh with gorgeously detailed pieces but in recent time, her style is edgy and sexy, mixing tight-fitting pieces with hot heels.


  1. Blood Red Elegant Burlesque Color Shift Corset

  2. Carmen Marc Valvo Satin Pocket Ball Skirt

  3. Victorian Boot

  4. John Lewis Ruched Satin Gloves

  5. Sinistra Cameo Necklace

  6. Acosta Black & Red Feather Head Band

  7. Raven Black Lace Parasol


  1. Dolce & Gabbana Short Dress

  2. Therapy Luxury Black Pump

  3. Luxury Vampire Diaries Mask

  4. Katherine’s Daylight Blue Lapis Vintage Pendant

  5. Chain & Clustered Gem Bracelet


  1. V Back Peplum Top

  2. Peplum Faux Leather Blazer

  3. Rag & Bone Navy Jean Leggings

  4. Nikki Over-The-Knee Boot