Epic Everyday Cosplay: Style Tips from Our Favourite Zombie-Slaying Couple

It’s time to get your daily dose of post-apocalyptic style from The Walking Dead’s resident lovebirds Maggie and Glen. They don’t just make a cute couple, they’re also a zombie-killing dream team! Prior to the outbreak, Glen Rhee was a pizza delivery boy in Atlanta; now, he uses his delivery skills to make crucial supply runs for the group. When the group finds themselves at the Green Family Farm, Glen meets Maggie Greene, Hershel’s daughter who works as a farmhand. After an intimate encounter during a supply run, Glen and Maggie fall in love, and live not-so-happily ever after. In the past season, they’ve survived being kidnapped, shot at, attacked by zombies and local Woodbury Militia as well as the heartbreaking death of Hershel. We will have to wait and see what is in store for them, so for now, here are some pieces that will help you put together their look, battle wounds and all!



  1. Baseball Hat

  2. Men’s Rendezvous Henley

  3. AE Baseball T-Shirt

  4. Hollister Skinny Pants

  5. Frye “Wade” Boot

  6. Toy Machete


  1. H&M Jersey Top

  2. Army Style Tactical Hip Holster With Pistol Web Belt

  3. TopShop Moto ‘Leigh’ Coated Skinny Jeans

  4. Yaman Boyfriend Tee

  5. ASOS Cannon Leather Knee Boots

  6. Airsoft Spring Gun Pistol


  1. Graftobian Fake Blood Gel

  2. Kryolan Bruise Wheel

  3. Koh Gen Do Makeup Sponges