Epic Everyday Cosplay: The Adorable Hello Kitty

With Hello Kitty Con just around the corner, cosplayers and kitty lovers alike are preparing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of everyone’s favorite cat or British school girl depending on your current beliefs. Hello Kitty is an icon and I am honestly surprised that this is the first ever convention to honor her! Everyone from small child to the elderly can relate to the adorable Hello Kitty. I believe that she will forever remain an important part of our lives and we will continue to see her everywhere we go.
Looking for an outfit to wear to the convention or just to honor the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty? Well look no futher than this look created by the talented Raianna-Starz on Polyvore. Featuring red, black, and white this outfit is absolutely amazing for Hello Kitty everyday cosplayers everywhere. I am so in love with the Hello Kitty print skirt and bow!

~Hello Kitty~