Epic Everyday Cosplay: Time to Get Animated with Family Guy’s Meg Griffin!

Let’s spend some quality time with the Griffin family’s least loved family member, Meg. As the eldest daughter of the notorious Griffin clan, Meg is a plain, socially awkward high school girl at James Woods High who desperately wants to be accepted by the cool crowd. Unfortunately, she is neglected at school as much as she is by her wildly dysfunctional family and is always the butt end of their jokes, outbursts and antics. Her insecurities have led her to a string of shocking and questionable romantic involvements including relationships with Mayor Adam West, Quagmire, a prison inmate, a nudist name Jeff, an Amish boy… the list goes on. She even had a brief love craze for Brian after a drunken make-out session at her prom, going so far to bake him pie with her hair inside and a dollop of Cool Whip (accent on the “H”!). Her iconic outfit makes for an easy Cosplay complete with her signature beanie, pink shirt & blue pants, and we have added the Cool Whip for a fun twist!

  1. Zalando Basic T-Shirt

  2. Croft & Barrow Classic Fit Straight-Leg Jeans

  3. Old Navy Women’s Sweater-Knit Beanie

  4. Old Navy Women’s Lace-Up Canvas Sneakers

  5. MAC ‘Mineralize’ Rich Lipstick in “Good Taste”

  6. Dickies Purple Backpack

  7. Kraft Cool Whip