Epic Everyday Cosplay: Tina Belcher’s Tasty Trademark Style

Let’s spend some time looking at a self-proclaimed strong, smart and sensual woman’s style, Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. As the eldest child in the Belcher family, Tina is a tenacious teenager with a personality all her own. Like most teenage girls, Tina is boy crazy (especially for Jimmy Jr. who she has logged over 3000 fantasy hours on their imaginary relationship with) and sex crazed (she is possibly obsessed with touching people’s butts). Also, she has a knack for melodrama; she spends a lot of time lying on the floor, often in agonizing heart break, and who can forget her signature moan? Her favorite things include writing erotic fan fiction, horses, and zombies, although she claims to have a complicated relationship with the latter. All in all, Tina is a regular girl (with her own eccentricities) who is trying to navigate the complicated cartoon world.




  1. Light Blue Crop T-Shirt

  2. Blue Stretch Mini Skirt

  3. Red Striped Athletic Socks

  4. Converse Chuck Taylor Black Classic Sneakers

  5. Square Black Nerd Glasses

  6. Yellow French Barrette

  7. Hamburger Necklace