Epic Everyday Cosplay: Veronica Mars’ Kickass Style


Oh Veronica… with your Private Investigator style and all around kick-ass attitude. The 5’2 PI with a sassy personality and keen sense of observation has a style that is fun and easy for everyday cosplay. Veronica Mars (portrayed by the wonderful Kristen Bell) has been my all time favorite female character ever since the series began in 2004.

As a self proclaimed “Marshmallow” I have always liked Veronica’s simple yet badass look. From leather jackets to studded purses, this girl has a look that is perfect for catching criminals! Recreating Veronica’s look is simple and only requires some essentials that you may already have around the house. If not every girl needs a reason to shop for a new pair of shoes and a purse!

Veronica Mars Everyday Cosplay

Dorothy Perkins t shirt

Moto jacket
$37 – selectfashion.co.uk

Ash shoes

Faux handbag

Essie nail polish


If you really want to push the look over the top, just add a Fake ID or multiple Fake IDs to your wallet and make sure there is a Taser in your purse! Who knows maybe you will run into your “Logan Echolls” and he will let you know that “You Should Only Wear This” (A girl can dream right?)



Written by Guest Contributor: NerdGirlBritt