Epic Everyday Cosplay: Warm Up to Julie’s Post-Apocalyptic Style

Warm Bodies, a book turned movie is the not-so-classic tale of two star-crossed lovers amidst a zombie ridden world. Julie is a determined survivor with a sarcastic sense of humor and still walks among the world of the living. During a medicine run gone wrong, Julie meets R, a zombie who isn’t exactly mindless and in a turn of events she sparks a change in him that allows him to re-find his humanity. Julie and R soon find themselves up against both the living and the dead as they try to changes minds and re-awaken the life among the dead. Julie’s style is the epitome of a post-apocalyptic chic, casually comfortable and functional clothes, hardcore boots and weapons as accessories. We’ve included a Polaroid camera from the scene where she takes R’s photo and an anatomic heart necklace for an extra zombie touch.




  1. Ruby Army Jacket

  2. H&M Basic Vest Top

  3. Abercrombie & Fitch Elissa Shirt

  4. Pull & Bear Basic Skinny Jeans

  5. Madden Girl Gamer Combat Boot

  6. H&M Leather Belt

  7. Black Heart Anatomical Zombie Horror Bloody Halloween Necklace

  8. Polaroid 600 Camera

  9. Super Combat Electronic Sniper Machine Gun