Epic Everyday Cosplay: Be as Stylish as Pokemon Master Hilda

As the main protagonist in Pokemon White and Black, our hero Hilda hails from Nuvema Town. But like all small town Pokemon trainers she is eager to leave home to explore the vast Unova Region! She and her childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca, finally get their wish when Professor Juniper gives them their starter Pokemon and then it is off to a life of adventuring. Traveling from the hills of Accumula Town to the theme parks of Nimbasa City to the floating buildings of Humilau City, Hilda takes on the toughest challenges in order become a Pokemon Master. Between catching elusive Pokemon, battling the villainous Team Plasma or going up against some of the toughest Gym Leaders in the league, Hilda does it in style!



Created by Guest Contributor: Heartlockett