Epic Games’ Fortnite now has an Official Website, Alpha Signups


You may or may not remember Epic Games’ co-op third person shooter, Fortnite. It was first announced way back in 2011 during the Spike VGAs. Not much has been heard since then, but now there is an official website for it! Coming with that is the option to sign up for the game’s alpha. To do so, you just have to fill out a 10 question form which asks you general questions about your gaming habits, as well as how familiar you are with certain AAA titles like CoD, GTA, Skyrim, etc.

Other details, such as when the alpha will take place and how many players will be included weren’t revealed. In Fortnite, you’ll be teaming up with other players to build and secure a base during the daytime, and protect it from monsters at night. The game will indeed be free-to-play, making it Epic’s first free-to-play game. Fortnite is supposed to be the main focus for Game Informer’s May issue, so expect more info about it then.