Epic Gaming Cosplay Friday: May the Triforce be With You- A Link Cosplay!

Link was a quiet child and probably thought he was nothing more than a regular Hylian boy, just hanging around, smacking chickens and collecting rupees. Little did he know he would eventually become a hero with many names. Known as “The Legendary Hero”, “Hero of the Goddess”, “Hero of the Winds”, and “Hero of Time” to name a few, Link has been around the block quiet a few times when it comes to being a hero and saving folks. An epic swordsman, he is the chosen wielder of the Master Sword and he is sworn to protect Hyrule and the Princess herself, Zelda, against the evils of Ganon (also known as Ganondorf) and his thirst for the power of the Triforce.

legend-of-zelda-link-cosplay-2Gorgeous cosplayer Jennifer Kairis portrays Link with a realistic fierceness, Master sword and boomerang in hand. Just please, don’t call her Zelda! You may end up with Dark Link after you if you do.


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