Epic Gaming Cosplay Friday: Taste the Fury of Sylvanas Windrunner With This Wonderful Warcraft Cosplay!

Before her cruel death at the hands of Arthas, the Butcher Deathknight who ruthlessly forced her anguished soul to return as an undead creature with an unquenchable need for vengeance, Sylvanas Windrunner spent her days courageously defending her homeland of Quel’Thalas and the gates of Silvermoon as their honorable Ranger General. A military mastermind, Sylvanas was born into the high elf bloodline of the noble Windrunner family.


As Ranger General of Silvermoon, Sylvanas did not follow many of the other high elves when they started to leave the Alliance to join forces with the Horde. Instead, she continued to combat anyone that sought to destroy her beloved homeland. She led an army of highly skilled archers who successfully defeated the vicious orcs in the Second War, as they released a wrath of fury that eventually forced the orc army to flee from Quel’Thalas. When Arthas commanded the ruthless Sourge armies to destroy anything that stood in the way of getting into Silvermooon City, Lady Sylvanas fearlessly stood her ground to defend the gates of Silvermoon. As an honorable defender of Silvermoon, she deserved a clean death—a death The Butcher did not let her have.


Sylvannas Windrunner, Ranger General of Silvermoon, had such an extraordinary beauty about her. With her long blond hair and enchanting pale blue eyes, it is easy to forget just how much power and determination coursed through her veins. Cosplayer ShatteredStitch wanted to remind us who Sylvanas was before she was murdered- thus she constructed a strikingly on-target cosplay of the Ranger General. She takes us back to a time far before the high elves were transformed into the blood elves we know today. In her fine silk cloak and her tough leather armor that is specifically designed to aid the archer in being agile, ShatteredStitch has certainly created a noble tribute to one of bravest elves Warcraft has ever known.




Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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