Epic Gnar Cosplay is on the Hunt

Gnar is a young yordle that was frozen in time in true ice. Time marched on but nothing could hold Gnar indefinitely. Breaking free from his cold prison, Gnar wandered around Runeterra discovering the new world he was in. Finding his yordle descendants, they took him in thinking he was only a young and playful yordle. They soon found out however that Gnar was much more than he appeared. A skilled hunter, Gnar end up fighting in the League of Legends, putting his prehistoric skills and impressive tantrums to good use.


Arlena Fae makes a super cute Gnar in this epic cosplay. Large fluffy ears and a skull headpiece adorn her head. Tribal painting on her face and arms is on point. Wearing a brown two piece outfit calling to mind the age of cavemen, she explores the wilderness around her. Orange fur leg warmers, cuffs on her wrist and a fuzzy blue tipped orange tail complete the outfit. Wielding Gnar’s signature bone boomerang, Arlena Fae is on the hunt for whatever crosses her path.