Epic ‘The Hobbit’ Cosplays to Celebrate Desolation of Smaug!

There’s not a lot of times where I get to look back and reflect on some of the highlights of my nerd life, in particular, the length of time the works of Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s epic film adaptations have been a part of. But there are a few moments I remember ever so clearly such as the long queues at the cinema for when it was that time of year when Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema would release a film bringing to life the detailed and rich works of John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. And remember the lines for Return of the King nearly ten years ago (has it really been that long?)? I remember when Legolas did all those fluid, badass moves swinging on the Oliphaunt in the Battle for Pelennor Fields and then sliding down its trunk after he had shot on with three of his Elven arrows. And then having Gimli, out of sheer Dwarf-Elf camaraderie and their competitiveness in battle, say “that still only counts as one!”  I could go on for ages and ages. Like many, I grew up with Tolkien’s works and have watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy over and over again. Anyone who follows my Twitter has seen me live Tweet the movie, quote by quote.

As it is now that time of year, over a three year period, where fans anxiously await the date when Peter Jackson’s next epic movie will hit cinemas and see celebrities such as Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom, Aidan Turner, and so on grace the pages of Tumblr in their three piece suits (damn those three piece suits!), I decided to share a few of my favourite cosplays of The Hobbit in celebration as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has finally hits theatres today.

1) Thranduil


He is the Elven King, a Sindarin elf, King of the Woodland Realm and (smoking hot) father to Legolas. For more than three thousand years, Thranduil was the leader of the wood elves in Northern Mirkwood. Born in the First Age of Middle Earth, he lived in Doriath with Thingol and Melian before its fall. He then lived with Gil-Galad, son of Fingon and the last King of the Noldor, and then after the tragic death of his father, Oropher, in the war of the Last Alliance, he ventured into the East to reclaim his inheritance and eventually establish a kingdom of his own in Greenwood the Great.

Fast forward a few thousand years to the Third Age when Thorin, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror aka King under the Mountain was taken captive by Thranduil’s guards. Here is one of the many parts where we learn about the ongoing rivalry between the Elves and the Dwarves over “so small thing” such as precious jewels. One of these being the Silmaril, owned by the Elven king Thingol in Doriath. Note this, when you are in his realm, you are at his mercy. He is interested in not who you are but by what you have. An inborn property of a king.


In the universe of Tolkien, the elves are among my favourite beings, with their “high cheekbones and creamy skin”, long hair and their beautiful clothes of silk and linens. A reserved and relaxed bunch of people they appear to be, keeping to themselves in their beautiful surroundings. But when they are in battle, they are sharp, quick and deadly. They have “the eyes of a hawk and ears of a fox” and natural, unmatched skills in bows and blades. To top it off, fluid, quick and seamless movements.

Now let’s all take a look at cosplay number 1 for our epic Hobbit special. RosenrotFreiher – an extremely talented cosplayer from Russia. There is a lot I absolutely love about this cosplay of the Elven King Thranduil – the gorgeous robes, the little clasp, the elf ears and the signature crown of Thranduil. There are really no words in the tongues of men or elves for how epic this cosplay of Thranduil is.




2) Fili and Kili


The youngest of the company of Thorin Oakenshield, Fili and Kili are the nephews of Thorin and are often referred to as “the young troubles of the group” by their actors, Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman. As they are the youngest of the group, they have the sharpest eyes and are often sent out to search or scout. Firstly, they find the Goblin’s cave in the Misty Mountains. Secondly, Fili hooks the boat on the other side of the Enchanted River in Mirkwood. And then lastly, they also find one of the most important parts of the mission – the secret door to Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, along with their Burglar, Bilbo Baggins of the Shire.


Genderbending is something in the cosplay community that is a very fun and creative journey. Whether you dress up as the opposite or you adapt a male cosplay to make it female or vice versa, the end result will be a cosplay that people will still love and recognize. I now present to you, cosplay number 2 of this Hobbit special– a Fili and Kili cosplay by German cosplayers XMenouX and Kaoruyagi. The belts, the beards, the braids, the blades, the boots and the intricate Dwarven detailing on their tunics; there is so much epicness in this cosplay that Middle Earth can’t even handle it.


3)Thorin Oakenshield


In the year 2746 of the Third Age of Middle Earth, a young dwarf prince was born to Thrain, the second of the Dwarven kingdom of Erebor. In his early days, the other dwarves of the Lonely Mountain along with himself were forced to flee in the Third Age 2770 upon the attack of Smaug the Terrible, “chiefest and greatest calamity of our age”. He grew to be a capable and strong warrior, marching with fellow dwarf warriors beneath the East-gate of Moria (Third Age 2799). In the midst of battle, his shield broke and was wielding nothing more than a sword and an oaken branch for his shield, an item that gave him his name, Thorin Oakenshield, and stayed with him even in death (Third Age 2941).


He eventually became a King-in-Exile of Durin’s folk after his father went missing and was presumed dead in the old fortress of Dol Guldur. Fast forward a few years to the start of the journey where Thorin and the Descendants of the House of Durin would reclaim their homeland and Thorin’s birthright as King under the Mountain. In the Third Age 2941, Thorin received an important part of the legacy of his family and his kin, his “to protect”; a map and a key. Not just any map and key but a map hand drawn by his father Thrain, and a key to unlock the secret door to the Lonely Mountain on the last light of Durin’s Day (the start of the Dwarven New Year). With advice from one of the five wizards and one of the guardians to stand watch over Middle Earth, Thorin recruited a company of 12 other dwarves, descendants of the House of Durin, and a dwarf to act as their burglar – Bilbo Baggins of the Shire, all with the purpose to steal back the treasure from Smaug and to take back Erebor.


Thorin is a strong, proud and brave dwarf, but he’s also cantankerous and has been hardened by life throughout his journeys and the hardships he faced since the attack of Smaug. He was known for his high sense of importance and his ranking in the Dwarf stronghold, but he was a very admirable and respectable dwarf, and valued anyone around him regardless of their status or the length of their beard.

I now present to you the third and final cosplay of our Hobbit special – a cosplay of the King of Carven Stone by German cosplayer Hizsi. When a cosplayer works on bringing a character from the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings to life, they put all their effort into looking like they stepped straight out of the movie. The work on the braids, beards, blades, boots and their clothing is intricately detailed as though it was made by a master Dwarf or Elvish craftsman. Hizsi has done a phenomenal job on bringing to life the Dwarf prince Thorin Oakenshield and he’s even got the key and the map to complete the costume. There is nothing not to love about it.



As a long-time fan of Tolkien’s works and Peter Jackson’s films, it still hasn’t quite clicked into me yet that this is only part two of a trilogy, one of the greatest stories ever written being brought to life in three parts, and that after this, there will be another year to wait for the final instalment. Sometimes, it does seem hard to believe that it was ten years ago when the Return of the King hit theatres and the premieres around the world were happening. And remember that one time when it took home all the awards at the Golden Globes and Oscars? Yeah, those were the days.  Within the past few years, fans around the world have combined their power and love for Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s films with the hopes that the Hobbit would happen. And it did.

Mornië utúlië

Believe and you will find your way

Mornië alantië

A promise lives within you now



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