Epic Scarlet Witch and Polaris Cosplay Duo to Wow Marvel Fans!

Cosplayers surely love their comic book characters.  Embodying their favorite comics characters gives them the chance to personify the epicness of superhero badassery. Each superhero has their own unique personality and traits that make them appeal to cosplayers; whether it be Captain America’s need for justice or Batman’s abnormal strength and advanced weaponry.

Scarlet Witch and Polaris are two popularly cosplayed superheroines from the Marvel universe.  They each harness awesome headpieces and costumes of solid red and green, making them easily recognizable.  Scarlet Witch cosplayer Jessica LG and Polaris cosplayer Lady Shepard teamed up with incredible photographer Saffels Photography to create these amazing photos that would make any Marvel fan proud.  Too epic!




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