Epic Spotlight on ATC’s Own Vakarians


At All That’s Cosplay, we love to do something special for our writers every once and a while.  Especially when it marks an anniversary working with us!  The lovely Courtney, AKA Vakarians, has officially been a part of ATC for a year now, and to congratulate the occasion, she is surely worthy of her own feature!


On top of being a stellar writer, Courtney has proved herself to be an exceptional cosplayer, model, and avid gamer, being particularly fond of series such as Mass Effect and Diablo III.  On top of this list of fandoms may rank her most beloved franchise, and that is the Lord of the Rings series.  It goes without saying that we have never met someone who knows as much about Lord of the Rings as this girl– go ahead and try to match her.



While she has had to put her cosplay work on hold recently, she has tons of exciting new plans for once again reigniting the flame on her cosplay career, including plans for a Steampunk Merida!  Courtney is such a talented individual and we cannot wait to see what else she brings to the table in the coming months both with All That’s Cosplay and her personal career.


Thank you for a brilliant year, Courtney!

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