Epic Submission of the Week: A Spunky Jinx Cosplay!


Everyone who plays League of Legends can’t help but love Jinx.  She is charismatic and full of life, and most importantly, loves to blast her opponents with powerful bullets from her cannon, Fishbones, and run around spastically after a kill.  Her character model is bright and vibrant– perfect for Jinx’s upbeat personality.  She is a Champion that anyone would love, if not for her high-damage abilities, then surely for her high-spirited attitude.


This cosplay of Jinx by Ae Cosplay is incredible. Not only did she absolutely nail Jinx’s costume, but her Fishbones looks just as deadly as the Jinx’s in-game.  Ae made her Fishbones a bit unique, though, as she chose to paint it was a galactic blue color that is vibrant and beautiful.  Amazing work!

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