Epic Submission of the Week: An Insanely Amazing Harley Quinn Cosplay!


This Harley Quinn submission was sent to us with perfect timing, as this week’s cosplay theme has been DC Comics villains!  We have featured this stunning cosplayer in the past, as she has become known for creating intricately detailed cosplays and partnering up with talented photographers to really make her images stunning.  The same goes for her Harley Quinn cosplay, as it is perfectly executed and wonderfully photographed.


What makes this Harley cosplay unique is that is has a more jester-like feel, and even features what appears to be a circus tent in the background.  Of course, Harley has wreaked destruction as usual, however, as the backdrop is lit with flames.  We absolutely love this Harley Quinn cosplay and can’t see what’s next for the talented cosplayer, Lady Integra. Be sure to follow her cosplay group on Facebook and her own personal page on DeviantArt.


Photography by Vladimir Mihalenko



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