Epic Submission of the Week: Vitality Cosplay as Rose from Legend of Dragoon


Another week filled with incredible submissions has come and gone, and while there were so many epic cosplays to choose from, there was one that caught our eye because of the extreme attention to detail and intricacy of the cosplay, and that is Vitality Cosplay‘s rendition of Rose from Legend of Dragoon.

Rose is a character who is beautiful and composed, though she has had quite an ample amount of turmoil in her life.  After heading into battle with friends and family by her side, she witnessed each of them die at the hands of the enemy, while she was the only one who remained and continued on, becoming immortal thanks to a powerful, magical choker.


Vitality Cosplay’s Rose is gorgeous– from the sheer green wings to the purple dragon-themed battle armor.  We can’t even imagine the amount of time that must have gone into creating this cosplay, and because of that, it is more than worthy of our praise.




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