Epic Supergirl Cosplay Searches for Answers

Kara Zor-El is the older cousin of Superman, known on Krypton as Kal-El. Sent to Earth to protect her from the destruction of Argo City and the rest of Krypton by her father; she arrived in a frozen wasteland in her Krypton battle armor. Confronted by a grown Kal-El, she searched for the remains of Krypton, not believing that the planet was destroyed. Just as Superman has various powers, Supergirl possesses the same powers. Protecting Earth while Superman is away, this brash young lady has proved over and over again to be a friend to her adopted planet.


CherrySteam slips into her battle armor in this amazing Supergirl cosplay. Wearing a light blue long sleeve shirt edged with gold and adorned with famous S super logo. A red skirt with a yellow belt, red boots and a red cape complete the outfit. CherrySteam’s cosplay is on point, hitting all the details from the blonde hair down to her various poses.


Photography by Chrono TIGER