Epic ‘The Walking Dead’ Cosplays to Celebrate the Midseason Finale

Having become one of the most popular shows on TV the past few years, AMC’s The Walking Dead is something that everybody is talking about.  With such a large fanbase, the cast and crew have to bring their A-game every episode as they are surely being judged by avid fans.  And they definitely did so last night.  Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead marked its midseason finale, and the episode was packed full of lots of emotionally-driven scenes that brought us back to a similar heartbreak that we felt in previous seasons.  And while we will have to wait until February to continue off on the epic story of Rick and the rest of the prison gang, we here at All That’s Cosplay will celebrate the way we know best– with some amazing The Walking Dead inspired cosplays!


This amazing cosplay by tigersgirl doesn’t embody just one The Walking Dead character, but two, or even three!  Rocking her Sherriff’s hat, symbolizing either Rick or Carl, along with a crossbow in hand in honor of Daryl, she is surely ready to shoot up some zombies in order to protect her prison home which is clearly seen in the background.  An absolutely epic tribute to The Walking Dead to say the least!


Bringing us back to season one where it all began, this photo by Steve Lalieux shows us the chained-up door in which Rick saw his first glimpses of the doom-filled world, although they were merely zombie fingers reaching out.  With “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” written on the doors, we remember Rick’s horror and confusion, and for that, this photo is truly epic.


One of the characters that has been on the show since the very beginning, Glenn managed to stay alive using knowledge and loyalty.  Since the first season he has changed in remarkable ways though, now being stronger and unafraid, willing to fight anybody who tries to hurt him or his prison family, in partically his love interest, Maggie.  Having gone through multiple seasons of turmoil, Glenn still stays strong and makes the best of what he has.  This cosplay of Glenn photographed by Kimberly Studio is so spot-on to Glenn that even though he is wearing simple clothes, it is easy to tell who this cosplayer is portraying.


Season 4 arguably had a slow start, but once The Governor came back into the picture that all changed.  Bringing havoc and mayhem, we see The Governor love once again, yet still retaining the violent, no mercy man that we have come to love to hate.  With eye patch, navy blue vest, and weapon ready, cosplayer Mad Maven did an amazing job at creating this female version of The Governor.

the-walking-dead-cosplay-7Introduced to us during season 3, Michonne has proven herself to be strong, brave, and surely powerful with her large katana that she carries around everywhere she goes.  Having become a highly valued ally to the prison gang, Michonne has finally found a place that she can call home with people she cares about after having lost so much.  This cosplay by loveless5 is an amazing depiction of Michonne, evoking the same amount of courage and strength that Michonne herself does.

the-walking-dead-cosplay-3We took this photo of the amazing LeeAnna Vamp at this year’s Comikaze and it definitely deserves recognition.  Having created a female version of the character that fans have grown so attached to, LeeAnna equips her leather jacket, ear necklace, and crossbow Daryl Dixon style.  With bruises, blood, and dirt, LeeAnna looks ready for a fight, taking tips from her male Daryl Dixon counterpart.


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