X-Men Cosplay: The Shapeshifting Mutant Mystique in All Her Glory


The villainess Mystique of the X-Men series is an ever present fan favorite. First appearing in the comic Ms. Marvel in 1978, she has since appeared in animated TV series, movies and video games. She is known for starting the Brotherhood of Mutants, a group touting the superiority of mutants over regular humans and often clashes with the X-Men. Having the ability to shapeshift into the appearance of others, she is extremely strong at infiltration, often assassinating those connected with mutant affairs.


With the movies, Mystique took on a more natural appearance, forgoing clothes that she had worn in the comics. The comic portrayal is the version Cosplayer Miss Vanilla has recreated. With beautiful coppery red hair, blue body paint, and a tight blue bodysuit, she is transformed into the stunning Mystique. Amping up the heat, she is wearing a white dress with large slits on the sides. A belt of small, white skulls sits snuggly on her hips. A matching skull adorns her forehead at her hairline. Matching knee high boots and gloves give that extra sexy touch and complete the outfit.