Eternal Sailor Mars Cosplay Sets Us Aflame

Sailor Mars is the third Sailor Scout to be discovered in the anime series Sailor Moon. One of the original scouts, her everyday personality is that of Rei Hino. A shrine maiden who attends a private school, she was discovered as a sailor scout when investigating that kidnappings from her shrine and encountering Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. Wielding fire and spiritual powers, she is a strong-willed, stubborn character that often gets into arguments with Serena, other wise known as Sailor Moon.


Cosplayer Adami Langley transforms into Eternal Sailor Mars in this amazing cosplay. Featuring the traditional sailor outfit, the Eternal Sailor Mars attire is embellished with swathes of pink along the bottom of the skirt. The sleeves extend and are puffed out with pink material. Instead of her signature high heels, she is now wearing knee high boots. Instead of white along the belt, she has red ribbon which is in a V with a star at the point. Her choker is also shaped into a V and ends in a star. With long flowing black hair, Adami Langley is a stunning Eternal Sailor Mars.


Photography by Julio Cavalcanti