EVA Infiltrates the KGB in Metal Gear Solid Cosplay


Codename EVA, referred to as Tatyana by her KGB associates, is a spy trained by the Philosophers from a young age. She was able to infiltrate Groznyj Grad where she ends up working with Snake. Throughout their mission they grow close as she supplies him with information about the group and he keeps her updated on the development of the weapon Shagohod. Using her feminine charms to help complete her missions, she is a skilled agent.


Sophie Valentine transforms herself into the sleeper agent in a flawless cosplay. She dons EVA’s black bikini top and brown jump suit. Adorned with gloves, a green belt with black hip pack, and goggles, she nails all the small details. Wielding the Chinese Type 17 pistol she learned to shoot at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Staff Headquarters – Second Division, Sophie Valentine impersonates EVA perfectly. Estampida Fotografia highlights her femininity, a key part of the character, as well as showcases the effort she put into the costume, beautifully.



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