Everyday Epic Cosplay: Peeta Mellark’s Mockingjay Attire

So from day one I was always Team Peeta. I don’t know if it was because he was the underdog or if it was just so sweet how much he truly cares for Katniss. With the recent release of Mockingjay Part 1 we see a totally different side of Peeta. Although this is not necessarily his fault since the Capitol is using him as their weapon. I mean it could be worse, at least he is alive. May the odds be ever in his favor and yours while wearing this everyday cosplay (so that you do not get it dirty). Wear this to the movies and tell everyone to lay down their popcorn so that they will survive!


Peeta Mellark Mockingjay Part 1

VILA top
$39 – nelly.com

Vero Moda white blazer
$50 – veromoda.com

Juicy Couture jeans

White shoes
$36 – newlook.com





Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt