Star Wars Spinoff Han Solo Boba Fett

Everyday Epic Cosplay: Star Wars Heartthrob Han Solo

“I love you. I know.” *insert tears* We all know, love, and swoon over Mr. Han Solo. I was mega excited to put together a Han Solo everyday epic cosplay, because he is the Obi-Wan for me. This everyday epic cosplay is fashionable and comfortable, and can be dressed up or casual- all you need is your trusty wookie! This everyday epic cosplay is a perfect way to celebrate that we are getting Star Wars Episode 7 *cries*! IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY TO CELEBRATE SUCH GREATNESS! Now, you can take over a galaxy far, far away in this out of this world Han Solo getup- but don’t get cocky, fuzz ball!

Han Solo ATC

Wyatt silk blouse

Noisy may black vest
$60 –

Tech accessory

Created by Guest Contributor: Nicole Salera