Everyone’s Favorite Automail Mechanic Winry Rockbell in Epic Cosplay

winry-rockbell-cosplay-1Photography by AzurBlueDragon

Winry Rockbell of the Full Metal Alchemist is loved by many fans of the series. She is gifted as an automail mechanic and engineer and also has some experience with medical training. She is spunky, hardworking, and knows how to keep Ed and Al in line.

In their childhood, Winry was very close with Ed and Al since they were all relatively close in age. After the death of Ed and Al’s mother, Winry and her grandmother became the closest thing to family for the young boys. She has a strong love for any and all things mechanic and is incredibly gifted. Because of this, she is even more important in supporting Ed and Al on their adventures by providing mechanical repairs and support.

winry-rockbell-cosplay-2Photography by Skroltor

The beautiful Romai Lee brings us an amazing Winry Rockbell cosplay. As a professional fashion designer and dress maker, Romai Lee has a vast skill set that she utilizes in her cosplays. She rocks the signature Winry look with the black tube top and bandana surrounded by her workshop. Then Romai Lee goes a step further and also brings us Winry’s winter outfits. Be sure to check out her pages for more epic cosplays!




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